Rika Kawato (tona by RIKA KAWATO)

Born in Germany in 1981 to a Japanese father and a Danish mother, Rika Kawato was raised and educated in the Soviet Union, Sweden, Japan and the USA where she graduated from the Textile Department of Rhode Island School of Design in 2004.

Following her graduation, she moved to Japan and started working as a textile designer for automobiles and then independently to establish her own design studio, "tona" in 2011.

Influences from her diverse and international background have been a fundamental element in Rika's works as a designer.
Based in Tokyo, her designs have been recognized from Asia to Europe thanks to her collaboration with well-known brands as Sony or Georg Jensen Damask.


How would you describe a typical day in your life?

I have two different typical days in my life. One, when I have business meetings all day and move around the city from one end to the other, and one when I don't have any meetings and am able to concentrate on design works in my office in Tokyo. In the latter, I usually wake up late in the morning and make a cup of coffee to start my brain. Then, I would just continue working on exciting projects whatever I have my hands on at the moment.

A word about Hygge? How do you feel wearing a Hygge watch?

I have a grey 3012 series watch which I was scheming to get for quite a long time. I love the simplicity and the graphic look of the watch, especially the shadow created between each hand discs and the watch face gets me. It feels almost as if I am wearing a graphic art piece on my wrist.

What are your next projects?

Right now, I work with both Danish and Japanese companies and I am very happy about it. With these companies, I am looking into more textile, light and furniture projects. I am also interested in the area called care design. If I could design something that would relieve somebody's stress and make better his quality of life, it would be fantastic.