Yusuke Kida

Photographer, Yusuke Kida started his career with the idea of expressing himself and creating his personal style through photography.

After graduating from Tokyo Design Academy and working for design companies, he began taking freelance commercial assignments. In addition to his regular photo works, Yusuke Kita has collaborated with well-known Japanese and international renown companies: Glico, Nice Claup, Givenchy, Tokyo Midtown have all commissioned him to shoot advertising photos.


How would you describe a typical day in your life?

I spend my day taking photos, which is for me a way to create my own art pieces. More than a work, Photography is a pleasure and a discovery! I have been very excited to take photos of so many different people, it opens new horizons! During my free time, I have also dedicated myself to photography, for instance by going to exhibitions. When you have a passion, you end up dedicating all your time. One day, I would like to collaborate with a writer for a photo shoot and an exhibition.

A word about Hygge? How do you feel wearing a Hygge watch?

Not very familiar with watches, I was a little nervous about wearing a watch on my wrist while taking photos, but wearing a Hygge watch has been actually very easy and convenient. I am a big fan of the design: great and simple!

What are your next projects?

I will continue to work hard to reach the excellence in photography. In this pursuit, I will follow the path of "Still Life" photography, which is not only visual but expresses also a story and feelings.