Christopher Crouch

Skiing since he was 3 years old, Christopher Crouch also known as Chip has dedicated all his life to his passion. In his younger age, he trained hard with a lot of tenacity and became at the age of 16 a professional instructor to share his joy. While admiring the spectacular views, he has also explored mountains around the world and his own capacities through extreme skiing.

How would you describe a typical day in your life?

The day usually starts with a short drive to the ski centre where I would meet my students. They are all ages, from beginner to expert level. At first, I help them with their equipment and then we start the lesson in a very friendly atmosphere. I am completely dedicated to my students to teach and help them progress their skiing technique and share my passion for skiing.
During some period of the year, I would travel to various places to do some extreme skiing to feel this unique pure feeling of excitement and push my own limits further, in the beautiful natural environment.

A word about Hygge? How do you feel wearing a Hygge watch?

When wearing a Hygge watch I feel connected to time. The sophisticated, sleek style allows me to be able to wear it anywhere - from skiing in the mountains to going out for a nice meal with friends or clients. I know that when I wear a Hygge watch, I am ready for whatever comes next!

What are your next projects?

In the future, I aim at becoming an even better instructor for my students. I will also be trying hard to perfect my half pipe techniques attempting bigger airs, and spins out, but my main passion is for the big mountain, off-piste skiing where I will ski steeper lines, narrower couloirs, bigger drops, tighter trees and hopefully find the deepest powder.