Ayako Hori

At the age of 19, Ayako Hori moved to Sweden where she studied traditional glass techniques and design. After her graduation, she decided to stay in Stockholm to start her glass artist career.

Back to Japan, she began organizing events related to Scandinavia and glass craftsmanship. Motivated by her continual desire to share Scandinavian lifestyle and design, she then dedicated herself to planning and coordinating magazines related to Scandinavia.

At the present time, Ayako Hori continues to explore her passion for lifestyle, culture and design as freelance business advisor and promoter in Scandinavia, France and Japan.

How would you describe a typical day in your life?

As CEO of iBeacon Co., Ltd. and journalist, my main business activity is to promote Scandinavian lifestyle, culture and design. I have also been appointed by Scandinavian companies to support their expansion into the Japanese market. I have to work sometimes very far into the night, but keep time to enjoy good food and drinks in restaurant with my friends. During the weekend, I often invite them for a home party, which actually helps me in my work related to lifestyle.

A word about Hygge? How do you feel wearing a Hygge watch?

The Hygge watches are very Scandinavian design: simple, functional, timeless style… A watch which we can wear with both casual and formal wear. Its originality comes from its details and colors. Hygge has actually a lot in common with Scandinavian furniture and tableware.
I have personally used a Hygge white and blue color 3012 watch. Its sharp monochrome lines contrast with its round and playful forms but form a perfect combination to offer a watch which could be worn with cool and stylish clothes, as well as with cuter and more girly fashion style. In my daily life I tend to be quiet casual but it depends on the social situation, which sometimes requests to be more professional and distinct. That's why this watch suits well my lifestyle and in any circumstance.

What are your next projects?

My next project will consist in lecture sections about Scandinavia for a Culture school in Tokyo, in order to encourage Japanese people to think about the real sense of "Quality of life", which is "Hygge time"! I am going also to be more involved in France an Paris, where we have a branch to introduce the French culture. In the opposite way, I want also to promote the Japanese culture, design and lifestyle in Scandinavia and France. Through my different positions, I wish to develop my activities as a bridge between Scandinavia, France and Japan in various aspects.