Yuka Umezawa

Yuka Umezawa's first experience with the professional food world was after her graduation when she began her career at a kitchenware trading company. She was responsible for preparing the displays, coordinating the food and products for TV Programs and for photographs to be printed in books. Her career has continued as a freelancer where she is now recognized as one of the best food coordinators in the PR industry, working with celebrities and for popular TV shows to design and organize the food and coordinate the tables on display. She has been expanding her activites and is always open to new experiences related to food.


How would you describe your ”HYGGE” moment?

For me, my ”HYGGE” time is when I am able to shut off my professional brain, and set it to refresh. For example when I open the window to feel the fresh morning air as I enjoy a coffee, thinking about whatever comes to my mind. In the evenings, it is the fun moments spent with my friends, enjoying good food and drinks.
After I am satisfied with my HYGGE time, I switch back on, ready for my professional life with fresh feelings.