Risa Shichino

Born in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido Risa developed her passion for dance and musical performance from an early age. Her career started when she was in University as a cheerleader for professional teams and is now a model for international brands and luxury hotels. She also has her own Youtube channel, producing content around her passion for travel. Always full of energy, she enjoys each day of her life with new professional endeavors or travelling to some new destination around the world.


How would you describe your ”HYGGE” moment?

Definitley when I travel. Walking around and exploring a new city, discovering beautiful places and cultures is my ”HYGGE”, and is when I am most happy. During those moments, I lose myself and forget everything, even the tiredness and pain in my legs so that I can enjoy the places and people around me endlessly.

A day travelling in my personal ”HYGGE” always begins with opening the window in the morning, laying in bed and watching the blue sky in contrast with the white clouds drifting by. As I watch them I wonder, how is it that no two clouds are the same....before starting the day with a breakfast; that is my ”HYGGE”.