1. How do you pronounce HYGGE?

HYGGE is pronounced in Danish “Hoo-gah”.

2. From where do you ship your products?

All of our products are shipped from our warehouse or office in Japan.

3. Where do you ship?

HYGGE offers complementary shipment to all the countries listed in the form as delivery address. In case your location country is not listed for the delivery address, please contact us at customerservice@hygge-watches.com.

4. Is VAT included?

For international orders, the price does not include VAT. The international shipment may be subject to VAT, import duties and/or taxes. These fees are levied once your package reaches your country. We ship packages according to Incoterm Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU): we do not collect local VAT, importing duties and/or taxes on orders and we cannot predict the amount you may be charged.

5. How do I track my order?

Once your order is shipped with an assigned tracking number, you will receive a confirmation email with the number. If you have not received this email within 3 business days of placing your order, please contact our customer service department with your order confirmation number to obtain your tracking number. Once you have the tracking number, your order can be traced via www.Fedex.com.

6. Do all HYGGE watches have a warranty?

All the HYGGE timepieces are warranted by P.O.S. Co., Ltd., a Japanese company owner and manufacturer of the HYGGE watches, for a warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of the limited warranty

7. How does the warranty work?

Our 2-year worldwide warranty covers all the parts except the batteries and the bands.

8. How long time until my watch is repaired?

Please allow between 2 and 3 weeks the watch to be repaired. Our technical department repairs, controls and tracks every timepiece carefully during the process. We contact the customer once the watch repaired and ready to be shipped. If you have not been contacted in 3 weeks, please contact us at customerservice@hygge-watches.com.

9. What are the procedure and the cost of repair if the warranty of my watch is expired?

The costs would depend on the damages and what we would need to do. Please contact us directly at customerservice@hygge-watches.com for further information and an estimation of the repair.

10. I have accidentally dropped my watch and damaged the glass and/or the case. Is it possible to replace it?

The glass has to be replaced with the case entirely. We can repair your watch with a replace for a fee. Please contact us directly at customerservice@hygge-watches.com for further information and an estimation of the repair.

11. How regularly should I have my watch checked?

We recommend that all watches have a regular maintenance check approximately every year.

12. How do I keep my band clean?

If a leather strap, we recommend wiping both sides of your strap daily with a soft dry cloth to remove collected contaminants.
For metal band, we recommend cleaning it with a soft brush (e.g. soft toothbrush) dipped in soapy water, then rising in fresh water and wiping in a soft cloth.

13. What type of battery does my watch use?

The Japanese movements used by HYGGE require a standard watch battery, available at most specialized stores worldwide. We recommend that you contact a local professional watch dealer to change your watch battery to avoid any damage.
The HYGGE watches use batteries which are free of mercury to minimize the impact on the environment. The battery should not be disposed with household waste, but has to be returned to a local authorized collecting organization to protect our environment.

14. What is the size of the straps?

Please contact us for further details about the size of our straps

15. Where can I buy a leather strap?

All our leather straps are available at the HYGGE official online store.

16. Can I buy a watch with a different strap?

All our watch faces and straps have been developed carefully and been paired by our designers to create the best design possible. We do not offer to buy a watch with a personalized strap.

17. Why does HYGGE not deliver spare parts directly to its customers?

For technical and quality reasons, we do not provide individual spare parts directly to our customers. The HYGGE global customer service department or one of its local partner’s are available to support you and offer a professional service, carried out in accordance with HYGGE’s highest quality standards.